Job Opportunities


Inserm U1065
Department of Molecular Medicine

The department of Molecular Medicine Inserm U1065 is conducting cutting-edge research in cardiometabolic diseases and aims to better understand the origin of the low-grade inflammation in this pathology with the goal of improving diagnosis and treatment.

The current research of Professor Yvan-Charvet aims at exploring the nodes linking metabolism and inflammation in cardiovascular disease, but also in a constellation of biological processes woven into the immunometabolic fabric. 

Job description: 

To convincingly test novel mechanisms at the frontier between inflammation and cardiometabolism. Be an independent laboratory scientist with in vivo experiences either in mouse models of atherosclerosis, metabolism and inflammation. Developing and executing key experiments to test new hypotheses to improve knowledge in the carmetabolism field and offer new therapeutic approaches.


We are looking for a highly-motivated, creative researcher, who enjoys an interdisciplinary, open and collaborative environment, with the following qualifications, experience and skills:

  • Develop, design and execute key experiments to achieve objectives on projects
  • The successful candidate is expected to have sufficient background knowledge in flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, basic biochemical and molecular biology techniques
  • Experience in in vivo experiments and in vitro mammalian cell culture and imaging. 
  • Reading and intellectual contribution to help produce a high performing unit
  • Help coach the more junior scientists 
  • Scientific rigor and strong communicational skills to drive external collaborations
  • Draft and contribute to the writing of scientific manuscript


  • PhD level degree.
  • 1-3year post-doctoral experience
  • Proven track record (a strong publication record in peer reviewed journals)
  • Strong scientific background in lipid metabolism and/or cancer related diseases
  • Excellent skills in animal experimentation would be required
  • Skills in molecular biology including the use of flow cytometry strongly suggested
  • Written English

Additional background in some of the following biology areas:

  • Cellular and whole-body metabolism
  • Hematopoiesis

The employment: 

This is a two-year full-time position (including medical benefits), with the possibility of applying to national ‘tenure-track’ position at Inserm and CNRS in France

Application process: 

An employment application must contain the following documents in English:

  • A complete curriculum vitae, including date of the thesis defense, title of the thesis, previous academic positions, academic title, current position, academic distinctions, and committee work
  • A complete list of publications
  • A summary of current work (no more than one page)
  • Applicants should arrange to have at least two letters of reference
  • The application is to be submitted by e-mail at

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