High Troughput Analysis Laboratory

Inserm U1065 provides researchers with execution of chemical screening for drug/biomarker discovery & high throughput biological analysis.
The center features state-of-the-art laboratory automation equipment, including instruments for automated liquid handling.
Equipment: MINDRAY BS-360E

Anapathology of atherosclerosis: Histo-Pathology

The histology core facility, supported by the Canceropôle PACA, provides state-of-the-art equipments in histology to perform tissues embedding (paraffin/frozen), sectioning (paraffin/frozen) and staining. We also assists in the setting up and optimization of histological approaches for each scientific project, delivering protocols that can be tested by the researchers themselves. Training support is provided. After training, users have free access to the equipments in the core facility like microtomes or cryostats. The facility is open to outside investigators.

STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor
Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC 350
Microtome Microme HM340E
Microtome Leica RM2055
Cryostat CM350

Preclinical Cro

  • Atherosclerosis Preclinical Disease Model
  • Metabolic Disorders Disease Model
  • Lung Cancers Disease Model